Top Newborn Gifts

Shopping for a newborn baby can be fun and exciting. It is so tempting to buy fashionable clothes for girls and stylish clothes for boys. However, it is important to remember that a newborn spends nearly 20 hours a day sleeping! Those fashionable or stylish newborn clothes are just plain not comfortable for newborns. Besides diapers and food, there are three staples for newborns—pajamas, receiving blankets and drool cloths.

Parents will be thrilled with a gift of comfortable pajamas in various styles and colors. For newborns just home from the hospital, sleepers are ideal. You can buy sleepers with drawstrings or snaps at the bottom that open for easy access diaper changes. Make sure to buy at least one sleeper with fold-over mitten hands so newborns won’t scratch themselves. For newborns in hot weather climates, onesies are perfect for sleeping comfortably. Since newborns tend to spit up often, drool cloths and several changes of sleepwear will be a life saver for parents. Drool cloths come in a large variety of styles. You don’t need to get too fancy or spend too much money on drool cloths. You can purchase a couple dozen terry cloths at discount stores for under five dollars.

Large blankets or tied quilts are good for laying a newborn down, but not a good size for wrapping. Receiving blankets are perfect for wrapping a newborn. Just like sleepwear, new parents can go through several of these blankets a day. Receiving blankets come in a variety of fabrics including cotton, satin or flannel.

Blankets, sleepers and burp cloths are the staples that a newborn needs to be comfortable. Make sure you buy sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. If you want to spruce up your gift with some stylish clothes, make sure to buy them in the larger sizes. Stylish clothes will be much more comfortable on infants 6-9 months or 9-12 months. Parents will be thrilled with the larger sizes to use as their baby grows.